As more people are riding bikes around Denver, there’s more risk for accidents involving cars and bikes. Understanding the laws of the road that apply to motorists and cyclists will keep everyone safer. Most recently, Denver passed the “Safety Stop” Bill which allows cyclists to slow down as they approach a stop sign but not come to a complete stop if the intersection is clear. Why is this safer for bikes? To keep some momentum rather than coming to a complete stop gets cyclists out of the way of oncoming traffic faster. Read more at “Safety Stop” Bill.

What else should bikers and motorists keep in mind? Bikers should stay off sidewalks, avoid riding in “turn only” lanes if going straight, use hand signals to make it clear where they intend to go. Motorists should carefully open car doors, looking for cyclists before doing so, give cyclists 3 feet of clearance and avoid driving in designated bike lanes. I find that the best way to stay safe is to make eye contact with people. Before crossing roads, entering intersections, merging in to traffic, I look to make eye contact with the driver coming my way. Once eye contact is made, I feel good that they see me and understand where I’m going. Read more about Bike Laws here.

With E-Bikes and B-Cycles making biking readily available, its important for everyone riding or driving on Denver roads to pay attention and understand the laws so everyone stays safe.