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Relief is possible with physical therapy personalized to your lifestyle and condition.

“Why isn’t my body functioning like it used to?”


Is pain getting in the way of your day-to-day life? Do you feel like your body has betrayed you?  Advice from doctors and endless googling hasn’t given any good answers, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You may have come to believe, “I’m going to have to live with this forever.”

Whether you’re an athlete ready to get back in the game, a new mom trying to overcome aches and pains after childbirth, or simply trying to gain back body functionality to enjoy hobbies without discomfort- there is still hope. 

Jenn Lane opened Holistic Physical Therapy to provide person-centered therapy designed to fit each client’s wellness and rehabilitation needs. Jenn treats clients of all ages to address back pain, neck dysfunction, headaches, bladder incontinence, splitting of  the abdominal wall from pregnancy, and pain in any part of the body. Her goal is not only to achieve immediate relief but prevent injuries coming back.

Providing a variety of physical modalities to get you back to wellness:

Core Stabilization

When the core muscles are not working properly or are weak, we can develop pain and instability that can lead to injury. Utilizing Pilates-based techniques, I develop a personalized program for each client to help regain strength and stability throughout the body.

Manual Orthopedic Therapy

Manual Therapy includes mobilizations and manipulations to joints, the nervous system and soft tissue to correct postural abnormalities, movement dysfunction and to reduce pain. Muscle imbalances are usually present with weakness and tightness noted in affected muscle groups.

Neuromuscular Re-education

Sometimes muscles are not weak, they just are not working correctly. Neuromuscular re-education helps turn these important muscles back on so you feel stronger and more confident in your daily activities and exercise program. This is an important component in all rehab to avoid the cycle of re-injury.

Pelvic Therapy

Pelvic Therapy includes treatment of urinary or fecal incontinence, urgency/frequency of urination, and/or pain in the pelvic region for both men and women. The pelvic floor muscles may become weak, tight or painful. Abdominal muscles may also split (called diastasis recti) or become weak from pregnancy, and PT can help restore normal tissue function and length.

Post-Op/Post-Injury Rehab

Whether recovering from surgery or an injury, PT will incorporate hands-on therapy with a prescription of therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular re-education to return you to pre-injury health.

Vestibular Rehab

Vertigo, dizziness, loss of equilibrium, nausea and ringing in the ears can all originate from dysfunction in the inner ear. Physical Therapy can reduce the symptoms associated with vestibular issues through hands-on techniques like the Epley Maneuver, vestibular habituation exercises and balance work.

Functional Dry Needling

A technique used to “re-set” muscle and nerve function using a balanced approach between symptoms and their source. The intention of treatment is to reduce muscle tension, improve function of nerves and muscles, reduce pain and facilitate muscle activity.

“As an Osteopath and Family Doctor, I believe a good physical therapist is an essential member of your holistic health team. When I refer patients to Jenn with Holistic Physical Therapy, I know they will get excellent care. From her bedside manner to her clinical skills across many physical therapy specialties – pelvic and orthopedic – I know I can trust Jenn with my patients’ health.”

Brieanna Seefeldt, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Client Testimonials

Jenn is amazing!  I had a nasty case of plantar fasciitis and had plans on running a marathon.  Jenn worked hard to create a plan that involved taping, stretching, and treatment.  I was able to run the marathon pain free and credit Jenn towards that success. Thank you Jenn!

Matt C.

Jenn help me to heal more quickly after a particularly difficult labor and delivery that left me with nerve damage and extreme back pain. Our sessions were easy and comfortable and my “homework” complemented our sessions nicely. I appreciated that Jenn was straight forward with the purpose and length of my treatment plan. 

Jessica H.

Jennifer has been very helpful in pinpointing and explaining my issue and providing gentle treatment and recommendations that are showing immediate positive results. 

Rita S.

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Dealing with postpartum woes you thought would just go away?

Do you struggle with issues like leaking, constipation, pain, or saggy belly? Whether it’s been weeks or years since childbirth, healing is possible! As a pelvic floor specialist and physical therapist I can help you heal and regain control with a collection of online guides and courses to restore your pelvic floor.

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