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Healthy Bladder Habits

Healthy Bladder Habits 416 416 Jennifer Lane

To understand what a healthy bladder is, you can start with thinking about what an unhealthy bladder looks like. Do you have severe urgency throughout the day? Do you find yourself always knowing where bathrooms are, calculating how long you will be away from home or avoiding activities that may take you away from easy access to a bathroom? Do you wear pads, panty liners or do you change your underwear or pants regularly due to leakage? No matter how many pregnancies you’ve had, abdominal surgeries, or years of dealing with these issues, there is always room for improvement and pelvic therapy can really help!

Here are some healthy bladder habits:

  1. Space fluid intake throughout the day (sip on water all day long)
  2. No “just in case” peeing. You are leaving your house and you think “Do I really need to pee or am I going just in case? This is not good for your bladder as it can re-teach your brain and bladder to have bad habits. It can also irritate pelvic floor muscles.
  3. When emptying a full bladder, you should be able to count at least “8 mississippis”. Anything less than that indicates that you did not have a full bladder.
  4. Do you pee in a straight line or does it pull to the right or left or spray all over the toilet bowl? If urine does not fall in a straight line, you may have tight pelvic floor muscles causing dysfunction.

How much water is enough?

A quick and easy way to calculate how much water you should drink is to take your weight and divide by 2. This is the amount in ounces that you should drink per day. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, you should drink 100 oz of fluid per day. 2/3 of this fluid intake should be water.

Having problems with your bladder? Pelvic therapy can help. Contact Holistic PT to schedule an appointment today!

Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions

Checking in on New Year’s Resolutions 806 596 Jennifer Lane

We are 7 weeks into 2019. How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? If you are like me, you’ve been successful with some, parts of some or have missed the mark all together. It’s never too late to re-group and get re-focused on your resolutions. Remember, it’s your health that is at stake!

Here’s how I’ve done with my resolutions. I’ve spent time with friends, family and with myself unwinding, having fun, seeing new places. I skied at Snowmass with my family and a great group of friends and neighbors, I went to Akumal, Mexico with 25 fabulous women for fitness and relaxation and I have made time to have lunch with people important to me.  Have I kept every Friday free and clear of patient care? No… but I’ve been about 80% good about that though. Which is a start! Have I drunk 70 oz of water per day? No, but I’m trying and I’m definitely better than before. I have been journaling most days, writing about what I’m grateful for and what my daily goals are. I forget some days to do this but then I pick it right back up.

My point in sharing this is that resolutions are not easy for anyone. We set them with our best intentions in mind and then we fail. But I think the real point of making resolutions is to engage in the process of change. You may not achieve the end result, but you have set out on a journey to change something in your life that is holding you back. So, keep after those resolutions, keep thinking about what you can do to make those changes that you want. I will do the same.

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