There are several types and causes of headaches… tension headaches, migraines, sinus headaches. Physical Therapy treatment can help reduce and eliminate headaches. Like with any injury or dysfunction, it is important to first figure out what is causing the headache. After the subjective exam has been completed, a physical therapist assesses active motion of the cervical and thoracic spine to determine if there are any limitations of movement. Joint mobility and soft tissue tightness is also tested. There are a group of headaches that arise from joint dysfunction in the upper cervical spine.

Is your headache located in your forehead? This may come from limited mobility at C2 vertebrae. Does your headache wrap around your ear like a rams horn? This may indicate a restriction in the OA (atlanto-occipital) joint on the same side as the pain. Is your headache located at the top of your head? This could mean a problem at the AA (atlanto-axial) joint. Chronic, recurring headaches may be caused from poor posture placing strain on ligaments and muscles of the posterior neck. Have you suffered whiplash injuries? Repeated, high velocity injuries to the neck can set you up for headaches too.

Physical therapy is a great non-pharmaceutical way to treat and manage your headaches. Instead of treating the symptoms, a PT will help you get to the bottom of the cause! To learn more, contact Jenn Lane at Holistic PT.  Contact Jenn here… Contact Form.